Come and join us as we create a better world for cyclists

Do you cycle the streets of Sydney? Would you like to… But find that something is getting in your way?

Then join us, and a host of other people from all over Sydney, as we come together for one weekend to come up with ideas, products, services, initiatives, you name it to help people overcome the barriers to cycling, or just make cycling a better experience for everyone.

Tickets available here.


But how do we do this?

A CycleHack is simple! You don’t need to be a designer, or creative, or good with your hands – you’ll be amazed at what can be produced by people just working together and having fun.

All you need is to bring your sense of fun, a desire to learn new things, and to make this world just a little bit better.



What were the outcomes of CycleHack Sydney 2015?

We had some brilliant teams working on a variety of different ideas to make bike riding easier in Sydney, and across the globe. The teams were made up of bike riders and advocates, designers, health professionals, students, lawyers, urban planners, council workers… proving that CycleHack is an event for anyone.

Our teams came up with the following hacks, which are part of the global CycleHack catalogue:

  1. Reach
  2. Bike Happy
  3. Road Share Hack
  4. Baby on Board
  5. Cycle Safe Signage
  6. Pedal Sydney ‘suburb’

The De-Humans team were crowned winners of the Best Global Policy Hack for their ‘Cycle Safe Signage’ hack. They held off competition from over 25 other cities around the world. Well done guys!!



Check out some of the ideas that people made at previous Cyclehack events. This is one of our personal favourites – Penny in Yo Pants:

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